i need to work harder, until everyone respects me..!!


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Info !!

hello, hello..!! i'm barbara !

i'm asian && pacific islander, a lesbian, genderfluid, aroace, and a syshost !!! i'm also an idol ! (in the future at least.. ^__^)

some of my interests include bandori, pjsk, genshin (i'm sorry), honkai (sorry again), madoka magica, bloodborne, elden ring, resident evil, and d4dj !!! plus some unlisted, but feel free to talk about these to me~ i also ramble a bunch about fanfictions, so feel free to talk about those to me as well!!! ^_^

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dni && byf !!

BEFORE YOU FOLLOW :: i do NOT care about what you like as long as it isn't dsmp!!! i have a strong grudge against it. i act different on all platforms. if i don't reply and i'm online, i probably read it and didn't know how to respond.

DO NOT INTERACT :: doubles of me (next section), against neopronouns/xenogenders, against he/him lesbians or she/her gays, proshipper (fuck off lmao), reality checker

XTRA :: if you know me from school, do NOT interact with my tumblr in any way **unless i've told you about it**. stay away from my safe place lmaoo

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irls !!!

here are my irls !!! (don't use the term d/a on me pls)

important ! those marked with ♡, doubles and kins dni !! (kins can interact if i interact first, mutuals and fictives exempt)

barbara♡, columbina - gi

rimi ushigome♡ , tsugumi hazawa♡ ,mashiro kurata, LOCK - bandori

shiho hinomori ♡, rin kagamine - pjsk

muni ohnaruto, saori hidaka♡ - d4dj

aoi akane, asuka langley, homura akemi, touko nanami, ada wong - misc

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friends !!! (to be updated)

my lovely friends jem, suhani, charlie, niki, lyn, mys, kae, mimi, robin, sweet-p, tabris, bowie, cyber, hona, lumina, and so many more !! i'm getting to the point where i just. can't keep track lmao . /pos ; tysm for being my friend !!!! ^__^ ily guys /p

feel free to ask to be added !!! i don't mind hehe